Our Mission

Our Mission

Hello from Jerissa at High Horse Hair Store LLC.

For those who haven’t met us yet let us introduce ourselves. We are an online beauty supply store based in Atlanta, GA. We have a variety of high-quality accessories, extensions, make-up, hair care products, and wigs!

Our mission is to provide great products at reasonable prices to those who do not have adequate access to these products along with great customer service. If you never experienced bad service, poor products, or higher prices based on the area you live in be grateful. If you have well then you understand our mission a little more than others. We also have a great selection of wholesale items for those who would like to launch or expand their own brand.

Please reach out to us with any beauty related questions or comments our inbox is always open and we are happy to help.

We look forward to becoming your favorite beauty supply store!


Jerissa Hall

CEO, High Horse Hair Store LLC

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